Monday, October 18, 2010

Changes and baptism

Over the past month so many things have changed. Quita decided to drop out of her program with no diploma. she is living in Sheboygan and figuring out what she will do next. I has been a big adjustment. Samuel is still at Ft McCoy and happily manipulating his every move.

The other teenagers and littles are just adjusting to the changes. We are still praying their nightmares will subside but even hearing from Samuel or Quita starts the cycle of fear all over again.

Yesterday A made the decision to get baptized. it was a very special and exciting day. She has decided through all her heartache that she can only make it with god and wanted to publicly proclaim it!! One of our proudest moments!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Just taking a chance to breathe...

Seems like I keep promising myself I will get better at posting more often on here then well.. Life happens! My husband reminded me this past weekend he was " Just trying to catch his breath"! I guess that is what we are all doing. This summer was a time of change, adjustment, healing and dealing with some real truth! Our son was very damaging to our home and family. So I will try to keep you all updated once we catch our breath. Quita is still in a girls home she is legally 18 and plans to pursue a college scholarship when she graduates next May. Samuel is in Military school he too is 18 so will pursue whatever he chooses once he graduates in December. A is in 10th grade and doing well. J is attending a local high school as a Freshman playing varsity football, after a broken foot he is back in the game this week :) Princess is in 2nd grade and doing well, and Wild Mike started Kindergarten this year:)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Princess' creations

So Princess found a plain white hat in the attic she immediately brought it downstairs to glue flowers and glitter on it. She brought it in to show me I said, " Wow you found that and thought to decorate it right away? She said " Well Mom I am crafty!"

Here is the hat she made for Machi with a wiffelball that broke in half and yarn... Yep she is pretty crafty!!

Machi and Saki

Machi and Saki

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Welcome to my brain....

this is a blog my cousin sent me I love it!!! Her post for today is great!!!